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Chef Peter
• Top of the Square Catering's Executive Chef
Aug 17, 2017

Where do we come up with our tastefully designed custom menus? The ideas may come from our (and your) imagination, but that’s only part of it. Our menus wouldn’t be possible without the healthy, sustainable ingredients that we source from local farms all around the northeast.

It’s important to know where your food comes from. So we invite you here and now to get to know some of our farm and supplier partners!

Sid Wainer & Son

Fresh produce from Sid Wainer & Son Farms
The Wainer family has supported the community and maintained relationships with local farmers for four generations that span over 100 years. At the Wainer Family Farm in Dartmouth, MA, they source produce and experiment with unique and fresh heirloom crops. Learn more ->

Jonathan’s Sprouts

Jonathan’s Sprouts has been a family-run business since 1976, operating from a historic New England barn renovated for food production in scenic Southeastern Massachusetts. They promote a simple growing process—just add water. As a pioneer sprout company, Jonathan’s has built an unsurpassed reputation for quality, service and dependability. Learn more ->

Lakeville Specialty Produce Co., Inc.

Lakeville Specialty Produce Co. in Washingtonville, PA practices a sustainable, low-environmental impact form of food production. Lakeville follows strict GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) and practices an indoor growing approach in controlled greenhouse environments. Their devotion to quality and the environment is unsurpassed in the industry. Learn more ->

Sorantino Farms

In 1913, the Sorantino family (Joseph, Angeline, Dominick and Carmella) began farming in Center Grove near Cedarville, NJ. Today, Sorantino Farms grows a variety of produce including tomatoes, lettuce, cabbage, green snap beans, peas, lima beans, peppers, squash, eggplant, and strawberries. Learn more ->

The Chef’s Garden

Fresh sustainable produce from the Chef's Garden
The Chef’s Garden in Huron, OH has been delivering specialty products with optimum shelf life, quality, flavor and nutrition direct from the farm for nearly 30 years. Under the guidance of Bob Jones, Sr., Lee Jones, and Bob Jones, Jr., The Chef’s Garden employs traditional farming methods combined with innovative technology to stay on the leading edge of the produce business.
Learn more ->

Murray’s Chicken

Started in 1992, Murray’s Chicken gets back to basics—providing a clean, healthy chicken that you’re proud to serve. Murray’s chickens are Certified Humane, never administered with antibiotics and fed a vegetable-based diet free of animal fats or byproducts. They are locally grown on small family farms and sourced within 24 hours of processing. With Murray’s Chicken, you’ll taste the difference. Learn more ->

Aurora Angus Beef

At Aurora Angus Beef, they’ve been proud to offer the finest midwest angus beef to their customers for over 70 years. Since 1939, their premium black angus beef has been served in upscale restaurants, gourmet delicatessens, and from top chefs and culinary professionals. Learn more ->

Mountain States

Mountain States Rosen Company (Mountain States) is a co-op owned by more than 150 third-, fourth- and fifth-generation ranching families across the United States. As a producer-owned family company, our strong family values such as integrity, respect and hard work align with our sustainable practices. Learn more ->

These dedicated farmers, ranchers and suppliers provide us with only the best quality meats, cheeses, grains and produce that we use to create your event menus. We’re confident that knowing where we get our ingredients will help you understand more about our catering and culinary mission.

Chef Peter
• Top of the Square Catering's Executive Chef
Aug 17, 2017
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